#The Leading Anti Aging Solution Provider

Lavier was first founded in 2018 to provide premium and effective beauty care products.

After its corporate restructuring and rebranding were taken place in early 2020, Lavier strives to become one of the leading Anti Aging Solution Provider in the world that equip with R&D Team, Manufacturing Facility and Marketing Channel.

According to Zion Market research, the global Anti-Aging market is growing at a CAGR of 7.5% during 2016 and 2021, it is expected to exceed US$271 billion by 2024 in the given forecast period.

A comprehensive Asian Development Bank (ADB) report also found that rapidly shifting demographics, particularly declining birth rates and increasing life expectancies, will increasingly shape the economic direction of developing countries in Asia. The favorable demographics that have driven high economic growth in the region are likely to reverse. “Asia’s population is aging quickly,” said Juzhong Zhuang, ADB’s Deputy Chief Economist.

By 2030, 60 percent of people 65 and older will call Asia home. Japan will become the world’s first “ultra-aged” nation with more than 28 percent of its population 65 and older. Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea, which is aging faster than any other OECD country, will be “super-aged” with more than 21 percent above 65 soon.

In view of all these, apart from delivering high-quality and clinically effective products, we also continue our mission to promote and enhance social awareness of anti-aging to the society.

We believe with the help of our innovative OMO platform and incubation system, we are able to create a unique anti-aging ecology system that is shared across the world.

You can found our products here below:

Our Vision

To become one of the leading Anti-Aging Solution Provider Worldwide.

Our Mission

To continue R&D and promote Anti-Aging awareness through Lavier OMO platform.

To initiate the development of Anti-Aging Ecosystem worldwide via our newly created OMO platform and incubator system.

To benefit millions of households by creating people-oriented business platform that promote love and passion.


Anti Aging Solution Malaysia
Dr. Ann Steele, USA
Lavier Laboratory – Healthcare Division

Medical Stem Cell & Heart Transplant Researcher/Scientist At Johns Hopkins Medicine/All Children’s Hospital, USA.

Dr. Mark Dargan Smith, USA
Lavier Laboratory – Healthcare Division

Chairman of the Board and Dean of the University of Natural Medicine

Anti Aging Solution Malaysia
Mdm Francoise Lataste, France
Lavier Laboratory – Skincare Division

Former Head of the Cosmetic Research & Development Laboratory,
Christian Dior in France

Anti Aging Solution Malaysia
Dr. Elaine Lim, Malaysia
Lavier Laboratory – Skincare Division

Research & Development Director of Ample Effect Sdn Bhd