Lavier International



Lavier 成立于 2018 年,提供优质有效的美容护理产品。

After its corporate restructuring and rebranding took place in early 2020, Lavier strives to become one of the leading Anti Aging Solution Provider in the world that are equipped with R&D Team, Manufacturing Facility and Marketing Channel.

根据 Zion Market 的研究,全球抗衰老市场于2016年和2021年的复合年增长率为7.5%,预计到2024年将在给定的预测期间超过2710亿美元。

亚洲开发银行(ADB)的一份综合报告还发现,快速变化的人口结构,尤其是出生率下降和预期寿命延长,将越来越多地影响亚洲发展中国家的经济发展方向。推动该地区经济高速增长的有利人口结构可能会逆转。亚行副首席经济学家Juzhong Zhuang说,“亚洲人口正在迅速老龄化。”

到了 2030 年,65岁及以上的人中有 60% 将把亚洲视为家。日本将成为世界上第一个“超龄”国家,其65岁及以上人口的比例将超过 28%。香港、台湾和韩国的老龄化速度比其他任何经合组织国家都要快,很快就会有超过 21% 的人超过65岁。


We believe with the help of our innovative OMO platform and incubation system, we are able to create a unique anti-aging ecology system that is shared across the world.

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To become one of the leading Anti-Aging Solution Providers Worldwide.


To continue R&D and promote Anti-Aging awareness through the Lavier OMO platform, we aim to initiate the development of an Anti-Aging Ecosystem worldwide using our newly created OMO platform and incubator system. Our ultimate goal is to benefit millions of households by creating a people-oriented business platform that promotes love and passion.