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What is CellAge+?

Natural Stem Cell Supplements to Boost Your Immune System! When your cells are healthy, it will boost the production of your body & give you the energy to cover all your daily activities. CellAge+ is a natural stem cell supplement formulated in the USA that is made from plants. Its formulations have the capacity to transform age-related dysfunctionality and reverse degenerative disease.

CellAge+ 的成分是唯一 全天然的干细胞配方:

  • Proven and documented clinical human studies proving its ability to
    create millions of new adult stem cells in the body, in just 5 hours
  • 滋养与增强现有的细胞
  • 唤醒沉睡的干细胞
  • 减少身体的发炎
  • 增强免疫系统
  • 100%安全使用

3g x 15 sachets


The #1 Natural Stem Cell Supplement Formulated in USA That Made From Plants

When your cells are healthy, they will boost your body’s production of energy, which will help you to complete your daily activities. CellAge+ is a natural stem cell supplement made from plants that can help to improve age-related health problems and reverse degenerative diseases.

Our ingredients are the ONLY all-natural stem cell formulation:

  • Proven and documented clinical human studies proving its ability to
    create millions of new adult stem cells in the body, in just 5 hours
  • 100% 安全使用,由 Lavier‘s R&D laboratory and
    manufacturing facility
  • 滋养与增强现有的细胞
  • 唤醒沉睡的干细胞
  • 减少身体的发炎
  • 增强 免疫系统



Young Wheat Grass Powder (Triticum Sativum), Chlorella Growth Factor(Chlorophycea Extractof Nucleic Acid), Quercetin (Quercetin Polyphenols), Xylitol, Superberries, Fucoidin (Extract from Okinawan Brown Algae), Black Sesame Seed Powder (SesaPlex & Sesamin), Curcumin (Extract fromTurmeric), Alpha Polysaccharide Polypeptide (Oryza Sativa Cell Food – APP), Pisum Sativum, Sunfiber Prebiotic Guar Seed Fiber

CellAge+ 有 5 个评价

  1. Randy & Debbie G

    Initially, we were reluctant to try “another vitamin product” on the market we knew little about. Of course with its promises of various health benefits, more energy, and stem cell repair. However, willing to explore, we started using the product 5 months ago. Admittedly, CellAge+ pleasantly surprised us, delivered as advertised, and has shown proven results. At 65, and 52 my wife and I feel like we are being re-energized every day, and really like the product.

  2. Nick G.

    CellAge+ has been a major part of my wellness routine since I learned I had a herniated disk in my back, which was pinching a nerve and preventing me from doing what I love most, playing basketball. My doctor recommended back surgery, however, I was able to avoid needing surgery with the implementation of CellAge+, physical therapy, and acupuncture! My back would seize up after playing for an hours, and now I’m able to play for up to 3 hours with no back issues!

  3. Brittany G.

    CellAge+ has been not just my daily ritual but my daily supplement! Over the year of introducing CellAge to my routine, I’ve noticed significant changes and regulation of my hormones. As someone with minor PCOS, I would have ridiculously painful cramps and irregular menses and I started noticing changes after a few months and now a year in, the intense pain and irregularities are very rare! I feel my immune system is stronger and have noticed issues associated with inflammation have calmed down significantly. Would recommend to anyone interested in optimizing their health down to a cellular level!

  4. Maureen K.

    At the age of 63, the only physical discomfort I experienced was the arthritic hands. I would wake up in the morning with stiffness in all my fingers, making a fist to try to get things moving was painful. I hadn’t been able to take my wedding band and engagement rings off because my knuckles were so swollen. I don’t do well with any kind of [chemical] medication so I always reach for the holistic methods. I had tried several anti-inflammatory remedies then I was introduced to CellAge+. I started dosing CellAge+ every morning. After 5 weeks of 2 sachets per day my hands no longer hurt, no stiffness and I can take my rings off to clean again!
    I am a Reiki Master and treat several people with chronic illnesses; they are now taking CellAge+ and reaping the benefits!

  5. Darren C.

    CellAge+ has been a game changer for me over the last few months. I embraced my health over the last year and started to exercise and I really started to exercise and I really started to notice joint pain, in particular in my knees as I started to work out more. After a few weeks on CellAge+, I have seen a marked difference, and I am working out now with no trouble from my knees. I also have seen a real improvement in my allergies and I think the anti-inflammatory properties of its ingredients are helping me with that a lot. Overall I am very happy with CellAge+ and I think everyone should take it!