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About Lavier

Lavier International, established in 2018, leads in developing diverse skincare solutions

We utilize advanced R&D and production facilities in the USA, Europe, and Malaysia to ensure top-quality, effective products.

Through education and partnerships, like with UNM and various global platforms, Lavier contributes to community wellness and shares valuable insights into the science of aging.

Stem Cell Food

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Stem cell food from Lavier incorporates all-natural plant-based stem cell ingredients and a balanced immune formula. It’s designed to support stem cell health and is among the most potent components for anti-aging benefits. This functional food product uses patented substances from the USA and is pivotal in Lavier’s commitment to innovative anti-aging solutions.

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World’s first all natural plant-based formulation that awakens dormant cells to promote cell repair and regeneration.


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World’s first oral weight loss formulation with white to brown fat conversion that burns 300x calories more efficiently.


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World’s First Weight Loss Formulation With White To Brown Fat Conversion That Burns 300x Calories More Efficiently


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Medical-grade natural brightening cream


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Peptide Nanocomplex Extra Signature Anti-aging creamre

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