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Adifit Programme

The AdiFit Programme is designed to promote weight loss without the need for exercise or fasting. It allows individuals to enjoy their meals while still achieving weight loss goals. The programme operates on the theory of converting white fat to brown fat cells. This process involves activating specific biological mechanisms in the body to transform stored fat into a type of fat that actively burns calories and generates heat. By implementing this theory, the AdiFit Programme aims to support effective weight loss while maintaining a balanced and enjoyable eating routine.

LeanAge is a metabolically natural product – a new approach to weight loss enabling dropping of unwanted pounds and importantly preventing rebound gains.

Weight loss is currently divided into “the good”, “the bad” and “the ugly”.

“The Good”…good intentions to lose weight, to become healthy, more active and more attractive.

“The Bad”…..your good intentions end in unfulfilled empty promises and an empty wallet – no weight loss but rebound gain.

“The Ugly”…..expensive and/or dangerous products that may produce results but come with the cost of possible severe side effects.

Right now the weight loss business is being driven by access to products designed for obese people with co-morbidities or other overt disorders.

In the hands of the healthy the side effect perils that may be precipitated are….

– gall bladder problems, pancreatitis, thyroid cancers, irregular heart beat, depression and mood disorders

All at an out of pocket cost of approximately $1,400 USD monthly!!!

What is the latest trend that causes all these problems?

This shortcut to health is money making and selective. The science behind the formulation is simple….an insulin booster stressing the pancreas and a suppression of a hormone that boosts blood sugar.

Sounds like a “lazy man’s answer” to lose weight…but at what price physiologically? What price financially? Most insurance companies will not cover such medication.

In summary, it is the same old story….treat symptoms and not the cause!!!

Our product LeanAge gets right down to the cause. The goal is to prevent diet induced obesity by converting big lazy fat storing white fat cells to adopt a metabolically active physiology through “brightening” or “browning”.

This simply means our product pushes fat storing white fat cells to become energy burning heat producing brown fat cells!!!

This is accomplished by the “uncoupling of a key protein” which then enables clearing of triglycerides from blood, reduction of insulin resistance and protection against rebound obesity.

The Major Formulation Components Roles are:
ABA – Abscisic Acid…from Wheat Grass Juice Powder…

ABA is a bioidentical hormone from plants proven to trigger glucose independence and potentiate glucose dependent insulin secretion.

Thus ABA plays an important role in the physiological regulation of hyperglycemia.

The stimulation of release of insulin and peripheral glucose uptake directly affects weight control, pre-diabetes onset, metabolic syndrome and modulates inflammatory involvement in obesity associated disease.

CURCUMIN. Curcuminoid targets include reduction of high blood pressure, regulation of cholesterol and protection of insulin secreting pancreas.

GINGER. Ginger increases stomach emptying times so food is processed more quickly which assists in preventing weight gain as occurs in sluggish metabolic processing of food.

PEPPERINE. contributes to weight loss by enhancing curcuminoid absorption, stabilizes blood sugar, decreases insulin resistance, decreases inflammatory elements promoting obesity associated disease, increases hepatic detox, decreases cholesterol manufacturing, decreases appetite.

Fat Cells or Adipose Tissue respond to metabolic and environmental stimuli and dietary cues.

Lazy White Fat Cells – just keep getting FATTER themselves with the obesity of a person. They store all excess fat or POTENTIAL ENERGY NOT BEING USED…are very slow to to release it.
They have few mitochondria and are low energy entities so it is hard to get stored fat moving or broken down.

Brown Fat Cells- are not lazy and are equipped with lots of mitochondria to produce fat burning energy.
**They UNCOUPLE THE BRAKE on FAT STORAGE and they burn stored fat energy as heat.

Our product LeanAge provides the external natural stimuli from natural sources that are capable of metabolically catalyzing an “uncoupling protein” which directly puts brakes on the fat storing cells and instead forces them to start burning their storage product which results in weight loss and associated metabolic health!

The Secret Behind LeanAge

Science behind Adifit Programme

The white fat cell is a “reservoir”. Itmakes up 15-25% of the body and it is the reason of obesity!

It is themost abundant adipose tissue in the human body, mainly distributed under the skin and around internal organs. Too much of white fat cells can lead to obesity and many related chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver, cancer, etc.!

The brown fat cell is a “radiator”. Itmakes up less than 5% of an adult body. It originates during the development of skeletal muscles and is innervated by sympathetic nerves. It ismainly observed in the clavicle, neck, and spine.

The brown fat cell is able to consumewhite fat cells. It has highmetabolic activity in glucosemetabolismand burning resting fat tissue. It is an important tissue for the body’s energy, temperature balance, andweight control. That’s why it is called the “good fat”.

Panel Of Principal Researchers

Dr. Ann Steele


  • Scientific Medical Stem Cell and Heart Transplant Researcher, All Children’s Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine, USA – Retired
  • The first scientists in the world to discover the cardiac stem cell and evolve its use for regeneration of damaged heart muscle with ultimate application in heart transplantation and repair of diseased hearts.
  • Award Recipient/Materno-Fetal Medicine, International Soranus of Ephesus (98-138 AD.) Placental Immune Privilege. Cappadocia-Nevsehir, Turkey. In 1998
  • Invited Member – Stem Cells International Journal. Editorial Board.
  • The world’s oldest and best-known general medical journals. Reviewer
  • Nobel Prize – Karolinska Institute, Sweden.
  • British Council INYS Scholar, Stem Cell Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK. February, 2005.
  • British Council INYS Scholar, Stem Cell Workshop. Cambridge University, England. January-February, 2005.
  • Scientific clinical experts solicited by the National Medical Research Counsel of Singapore to review mega-funded stem cell research proposals.

Dr. Mark Smith

ND, Ph.D. , M.D.(MA)

  • Founder, Dean and Chairman of the Board at the University of Natural Medicine in the USA and worldwide.
  • Integrative medicine for over 30 years, he is now an international lecturer, researcher and formulator of natural products for Stem Cell, Functional & Integrative Medicine in the USA and Asia.
  • Members of American Naturopathic Medical Association and International Association of Naturopathic Physicians.
  • Former Nutritional Consultant and Naturopathic Physician in the USA, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand and New Zealand.
  • He was the co-founder of the first Malaysia Ministry of Education approved Naturopathic College in Malaysia.
  • He wrote the CPT codes to offer doctors and health care professionals a uniform language for coding medical services and procedures to streamline reporting, increase accuracy and efficiency for Malaysian government over 15 years ago.
  • Appointed by the United Nations Geneva Conventions as a Health Development Advisor.
  • Exclusive formulation from United States
  • Clinical tested up to 400 varieties
  • Effortless Slim Physique
  • No Fasting Required
  • No exercise Required

Unlock the Potential of LeanAge Product

No skipping meals required

No medication required

Without the need to focus on “low fat” or “fat-free” products

No calories restriction required

How will it help you?

Effortless & Convenient

Achieve weight loss goals without the need for rigorous exercise or strict diets.

Sustainable Results

Experience long-term weight loss and maintain a healthier body effortlessly.

Time-Saving Solution

Fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle, requiring minimal time commitment.

Enjoyable Journey

Transform your body effortlessly while still enjoying delicious and satisfying meals.

Science-backed Method

Based on the latest research and proven techniques to ensure successful weight loss.


It is normal to not feel hungry or eat as much after taking LeanAge because its ingredients promote a feeling of satiety.

It is normal to experience hunger or eat more after taking LeanAge because it is related to the balance between energy intake and expenditure (IN & OUT).

For example, if you take 4 packets of LeanAge per day, the active ingredients in LeanAge will increase your basal metabolic rate, helping you burn off most of the calories you consume.

Furthermore, if you have a high energy expenditure due to your own activity level, you may experience hunger and need to consume more food.

However, in the end, you will still lose weight because LeanAge converts white fat into brown fat and helps burn the fat stored in your body.

In general, no product can guarantee that your weight loss results will not rebound, including liposuction surgery.

Firstly, medication should not be taken for a long period of time due to potential side effects.

Secondly, weight loss products should also not be used for an extended duration as they may have side effects.

Thirdly, liposuction surgery is not a long-term solution.

Fourthly, LeanAge is a natural food, so you can use it for an extended period.

Fifthly, the weight loss effect is less likely to rebound because LeanAge can burn white fat and convert it into brown fat.

We recommend that you start by taking 2 packets of LeanAge in the morning and evening.

Once you reach your target weight or reduce your body fat, you can reduce the dosage of LeanAge.

If you occasionally consume a rich or large meal, you can increase the dosage of LeanAge again.

Summary: LeanAge is a natural food that can be consumed for an extended period of time.


Choo Yen Ling
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I lost 4.3kg in 30 days! I am more focused now & my mood is healing. I am happy that my metabolic age is 6 years younger.
YY Chua
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I lost 5.1kg in 30 days! My knee problem and arm cramps were improved. My cholesterol level is reduced. I am happy that my metabolic age is 12 years younger.
Annie Lim
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I lost 4.4kg in 30 days! I feel more energetic now! I am glad that my metabolic age is 7 years younger than before!

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