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Discover the vibrant world of Lavier through our Event Gallery. This page features a curated selection of images from our diverse activities, including exclusive product launches, educational workshops, and community events. Each photo tells a story of innovation, community, and commitment to excellence. Join us in celebrating our milestones and get inspired to be part of our future events.

Leanage Product Launch

Celebrate innovation with us at the launch of Leanage, our latest product that promises to revolutionize the wellness market. Discover the science and benefits behind Leanage and be the first to experience its transformative effects.

Cancer Awareness Campaign

Lavier is honored to participate in the Joyz Wolo Cancer Awareness Campaign. This event is designed to educate and raise awareness about cancer, highlighting prevention and support networks within the community.

Be A Blood Hero

Join us for “Be a Blood-Hero,” a crucial blood donation drive where Lavier acts as a proud volunteer and sponsor. This event underscores our commitment to giving back to the community and saving lives through vital health initiatives.

Stem Cell Research Institute launching ceremony

By University of Natural Medicine Stem Cell Research Institute! 👏🏻👏🏻
Grateful to have over 200+ distinguished guests and partner and friends to witness this meaningful moment