Rejuvenate your body with CellAge+, a powerful plant-based stem cell supplement from the USA, designed to supercharge your immune system, boost energy, and reverse aging.

Size: 3g x 15 sachets (per box)

Our ingredients are the ONLY all-natural stem cell formulation:

  • Proven and documented clinical human studies proving its ability to
    create millions of new adult stem cells in the body, in just 5 hours
  • Is 100% safe, manufacture through Lavier‘s R&D laboratory and
    manufacturing facility
  • Nourish and empower existing working cells
  • Awaken dormant or ‘hibernating’ stem cells
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • Empower the Immune System


Healthy cells boost your body’s energy production, helping you easily power through your daily activities.

Why CellAge+?

100% Natural and Safe: Unlike other anti-aging products that may contain artificial ingredients or require invasive procedures, CellAge+ is 100% natural and safe with no known side effects​​.

Scientifically Backed: Developed by renowned scientists, CellAge+ uses the proven power of ABA to awaken dormant stem cells and enhance their growth, significantly outperforming typical laboratory cultivation methods​​.

Holistic Health Benefits: While many products focus solely on anti-aging, CellAge+ offers a comprehensive approach by enhancing immunity, promoting overall health, and providing anti-aging benefits​​.

Cost-Effective: CellAge+ provides these extensive health benefits at a common price point, making it accessible to a broader audience compared to the high costs associated with other anti-aging treatments​​.


How to Consume

Healthy Adults – 2 sachets a day

Adults with diseases – 4 sachets a day



Young Wheat Grass Powder (Triticum Sativum), Chlorella Growth Factor(Chlorophycea Extractof Nucleic Acid), Quercetin (Quercetin Polyphenols), Xylitol, Superberries, Fucoidin (Extract from Okinawan Brown Algae), Black Sesame Seed Powder (SesaPlex & Sesamin), Curcumin (Extract fromTurmeric), Alpha Polysaccharide Polypeptide (Oryza Sativa Cell Food – APP), Pisum Sativum, Sunfiber Prebiotic Guar Seed Fiber

Additional information


Bronze Package [1 Set], Silver Package [2 Sets], Gold Package [8 Sets]


  • How does CellAge+ work?

CellAge+ leverages the power of Abscisic Acid (ABA), a plant hormone, to activate dormant stem cells. This activation promotes cellular regeneration and repair, enhancing overall health and vitality.


  • How is CellAge+ different from other supplements?

Unlike other products, CellAge+ is 100% natural and safe, without any side effects. It combines anti-aging benefits with immune enhancement and overall health care, providing a holistic approach to well-being.


  • Is CellAge+ safe to consume daily?

Yes, CellAge+ is made from natural plant-based ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals, making it a safe supplement for daily use without known side effects.


  • How soon can I see the results?

Results may vary, but our customers report noticeable improvements in energy levels, skin appearance, and overall health within a few weeks of consistent use.


  • Can CellAge+ help with chronic diseases?

CellAge+ supports the body’s natural healing processes and can help prevent and recover from chronic diseases by promoting cell regeneration and repair.


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