How Stem Cell Can Help Our Immune System Improvement?

by in Health Tips, Stem Cell Database March 14, 2021

What is a stem cell? A stem cell is a cell with the unique ability to develop into specialised cell types in the body. In the future they may be used to replace cells and tissues that have been damaged or lost due to disease.   Stem cells are different from other cells in the body in […]

Useful: Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in Malaysia

by in Stem Cell Database December 14, 2020

[wow-icons lib=im name=icomoon-lab color=”#8224e3″ size=”nm” align=”alignright”]What is Stem Cell Therapy?    [wow-icons lib=gmi name=monetization_on color=”#000000″ size=”nm” align=”alignright”]Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in Malaysia   [wow-icons lib=ft name=icon-money color=”#1e73be” size=”nm” align=”alignright”]Why is Stem Cell Therapy So Expensive?   [wow-icons lib=ft name=icon-smile color=”#dd3333″ size=”nm” align=”alignright”]Benefits vs Cost of Stem Cell Therapy   [wow-icons lib=oi name=oi-people color=”#dd9933″ size=”nm” […]

8 Things You Want to Know About Stem Cell Therapy

by in Stem Cell Database December 4, 2020

Previously, we had explained what are stem cells and why are they important. Stem cells can be guided into becoming specific cells that can be used to regenerate and repair diseased or damaged tissues in people. As a result, the potential of stem cells being used in treatment has been a subject of interest for […]